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The Story of the Carrie Bell SIL

Leaving a Legacy

The Carrie Bell SIL is named in honor of matriarchs Carrie Lee Glosson and Bell Marie Williams. These beautiful women not only ​opened up their hearts and homes to their children and grandchildren, but to anyone that needed a warm bed, hot meal and encouraging words. Their loved shined through every word, every meal and every hug. It was through their love and example, that Carrie's granddaughter and Bell's grandson would unite in marriage and continue their legacy.


In 2022, a need to implement a transitional living program to help youth, ages 18-21, who were aging out of the foster care/CPS system was implemented. In the Carrie Bell SIL program, the youth must follow the guidelines for obtaining their high school education, enroll in college courses or maintain employment, in order to remain eligible for extended care benefits to assist them in becoming productive, responsible, and successful adults.


Carrie Bell SIL is dedicated to using innovative teaching methods and community resources to provide services for the youth to improve their personal and professional growth. Participants in the program will learn effective steps for completing their high school education with a view toward attending college. They will learn the best practices for searching and seeking out job opportunities, all while learning the necessary skills that will help maintain an independent living lifestyle. Carrie Bell SIL is also committed to performances-based evaluation to measure progress, while providing a safe environment for the youth to grow and gain independence, maturity, and the confidence to succeed into adulthood.


Dana Barnes - Executive Director

Guy Barnes - Director of Operations

Angela Adams - Operations Manager

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